Mission: We will protect and progress the Office of Sheriff in North Dakota
The North Dakota Sheriff's & Deputies Association (NDSDA) consists of members from Sheriff's Office throughout North Dakota. The NDSDA is a non-profit organzation serving as a voice for Sheriffs' and Deputies in the state of North Dakota.
The NDSDA monitors legislation that has the potentail to affect law enforcment in North Dakota. The NDSDA develops partnerships with other law enforcement associations and together work with legislators to advance law enforcement in North Dakota.
The NDSDA also has a seat at the table in the National Sheriff's Association (NSA) State Executive Director's and President's Committee. The current serving NDSDA President fills that seat during their term in office.
The terms of office for the governing board is two years and they are elected by the membership. The Executive Board consists of a President, Vice Presidentand Secretary/Treasurer. The immediate past president also is considered part of the Executive Board. The rules governing NDSDA are set forth in the NDSDA By-laws.
Current Executive Board
President:                           Pat Heinert, Burleigh County
Vice President:                  Steve Rohrer, Benson County
Secretary/Treasurer:          Tara Morris, Cass County
Past President:                    Paul Laney, Cass County

NDSDA proudly serving North Dakota.